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JOHN CRISTON WIDULE ------- schedule* below

Photo and commentary of John out promoting at State Fair

4 On The Floor photos and Youtube link for live vibe
------Historical Porterhouse footnote---
Song Selection Examples
Photo and commentary of John out promoting at State Fair
Brady Street Festival Photos/July 25, 2004


Promotion involves more than just mingling. It's winning the trust of potential customers with dedication and the ability to identify and satisfy needs. This future fan was in need of Fork Glasses in order to more fully appreciate the experiences one may enjoy while at the Wisconsin State Fair. The Fork Glasses were quickly supplied to the damsel in distress by John at the Cherry Pie concert while John was out marketing upcoming gigs. Fork Glasses were designed by Richard Berkholtz of Madison, Wisconsin and this particular pair was co-manufactured by John with Richard and others at a recent Fun Club party at the Madison Summer Hummer headquarters.

Notice the Lash shirt, which also provides fodder and suitable grist for conversation leading up to the promotional encounter. This photo was taken by a patron at the Bud tent on August 9, 2004 with a keen eye for what was happening in the crowd. This was an actual but typical occurance, and while resembling a supermodel, this woman is actually a local nurse,  and rightfully so,,,,,,


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