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JOHN CRISTON WIDULE ------- schedule* below


4 On The Floor photos and Youtube link for live vibe
------Historical Porterhouse footnote---
Song Selection Examples
Photo and commentary of John out promoting at State Fair
Brady Street Festival Photos/July 25, 2004

John being shy on Brady Street

John is not the best at anything, to say the most. 
History includes: 
Reading the Bible and thinking about the SEVEN lampstands,
lots of types of SIX-packs,
raising FIVE+ kids,
sneezing over FOUR cats,
cleaning-up after, feeding and watering THREE dogs,
messing up marriages with TWO brunette race-horse trophy-wives (who just plain outgrew him),
all for this ONE determined ,over-eager and needlessly but hopelessly optimistic man with good reason, the new woman.
Storied background, training and commitment in various elements and aspects of faith, evangelism, teaching, music, entertainment, trumpet, guitar, vocals, songwriting, keys, bass, flute, sax, arrangement, jazz, blues, rock, traditional, classical, law, consultation, real estate, development, sales, management, communication, finance, business, etc., girls and women (they only seem similar), humility, running, exercise and optimism.
Drips with experience. Rebound capabilities. Several years in Madison. Doesn't watch TV because own life is already tumultuous enough.
Large support network of concerned friends and family. Several known and unknown adversaries who are forgiven. No agenda.

John 414-241-9050

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